Monday, January 11, 2010

Weddings: A Tax Write-off?

Check out this article! I wish I would've thought about this when I got married- we had TONS of food leftover, and donating the things you won't use again are most definitely a WIN/WIN for everyone! There's also a book that goes more in depth regarding this- click here to view it on Amazon...

Fowler Wedding

My wonderful aunt is so incredibly talented with florist design (among many other things), and for my wedding was so nice to do ALL my bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres, etc. Let me tell you, they were STUNNING! So when she approached me about her son's upcoming wedding, I was so happy to return the favor by photographing his wedding. She was the florist for this wedding as well (mother of the groom AND florist- impressed, aren't you?) :) They were, of course, gorgeous, as was the bride. James and Karetta are so cute together. Love just oozed out their eyeballs all night. :) It was a pretty night, and the whole wedding was very indicative of their personalities. The Four Winds Chapel is SOOOO charming! It was so much fun to photograph their wedding, and it was also fun to have my family get to see me "at work" on a wedding shoot. I have to include a photo or two of my daughter Violet, because she just looked too cute in her little black and white dress and red sparkly shoes... :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Farmers

This family won a KGP Photo Session at a silent auction benefit for CARTI. It was a pleasure to work with them! Their daughter was so well mannered and mature, and their 3 year old son was... a 3 year old boy! :) A wonderful tornado that makes you smile! We got these shots at the State Capitol Building, which was really dressed up for the Holidays- I'm definitely going to do more here next year- they turned out great!